What's going on with Chrono?

Does anybody know if the maintainers of Chrono are having any issues?

I'm just saying because:

  • Last release is from about a year ago
  • Last merged PR is from 6 months ago even though there have been quite a few new ones since then
  • There are many merged PRs between Jan and March that are not released yet
  • There is an issue opened since April about this with no comments

In the link that you shared for the issue #552, at the bottom you can see that it was followed on the issue #553: Update the time dependency · Issue #553 · chronotope/chrono · GitHub

Some of their other crates, e.g. chrono-tz have had recent updates.

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aha! looks like updating the time is what's blocking

That doesn't make sense to me. They could easily push that to a next release and release the merged PRs in the meantime.
So why aren't they?

if the maintainers of Chrono

I had wondered the same thing, and after a bit of poking around I have realized - despite being quite a core crate - it's currently maintained by one person (...unclear if they are from Nebraska but otherwise very much exactly xkcd 2347)

There is some details in quodlibetor's comment here:


Hi! Sorry about being AWOL (now looking for additional help maintaining chrono).

Unfortunately time is part of the public API of Chrono. To update to time 0.3 we should add a time03 feature and leave the existing time feature and related code alone. If we do that, though, I would be happy to merge the resulting code.

Quote from the linked Reddit post:

Hey folks! I'm the only person with merge privileges on the chrono crate and as y'all have noticed this has been a pretty bad year for my OSS contributions, which sucks for the community.

I want very much for chrono to be a stable foundation for rust crates to build upon -- time is doing a great job experimenting with calendar APIs. That said I would love to give out merge privileges to any people with OSS maintenance history who are interested in helping maintain Chrono. Maybe having folks helping will reduce the stress and make Chrono fun again.

If that sounds like you please feel free to DM me here or email me (my address is <my username>@gmail.com).


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