What's faster in rust 1.32?

I noticed performance improvements in rust programs when going from rustc 1.31 to 1.32.

For example my broot program is about 10% faster in most operations (if I keep jemalloc).

I didn't see anything clear in the changelog related to performances. Are there some specific improvements known to have a wide impact ? Did you notice a similar improvement ?

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It might be because you now end up with a newer jemalloc version being used? I believe rustc itself saw an improvement when dropping its bundled version of jemalloc and using a newer one.

I thought about it but broot with the default system allocator is still faster (about 4%) compared to 1.31. So I guess there's something other, maybe related to system paths, or strings.

I don't directly use any const function so I don't think it's related to that either.

Am I the only one noticing a perf improvement with this version?

What platform did you test on? It’s possible that your system allocator performs better than old bundled jemalloc, and the newer jemalloc is better still :slight_smile:.

Is broot allocation heavy in general? Does an improvement in allocator leading to better overall broot perf even make intuitive sense to you?