What's everyone working on this week? (Week 39, 2015)


What’s everyone up to this week?

I’m completely swamped and will probably be doing minor things only.

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Updated handlebars, and released 0.10.1:

  • Patch from @ihrwein , improved renderw for mass rendering.
  • Improved lookup helper, made its behavior compatible with handlebars-js

In this and next few weeks, I will add some detailed error message for template parser.

  • Still trying to get Turbine’s tests to run Turbine tests run, some fail. :sunny:
  • more work on my Cow-lint for clippy (this stuff is hard)
  • I’d also like to optimize the shootout fasta_redux benchmark, which is the relatively slowest of the bunch (and that’s my fault, dammit!) Done, and I also upped the used regex version, allowed building with dependencies and learned something about Makefiles. :smile: Veedrac then one-upped me with a new fasta implementation, whose algorithm I could port to the redux version. Once those are up on the benchmarksgame, they’ll be the fastest of the bunch.
  • too much work to get much of the aforementioned points done :frowning: Luckily I got a lot done with little effort.


Working on an implementation/RFC for a new fs::walk_dir.


I’ll be continuing to work on my debugger project, rusty_trap. I hope to add support for handling multiple breakpoints this week.


I’m continuing my independent study making a game engine/collision detection system in Rust. Last week I got static collision detection working and setup collision callbacks, this week I’m getting dynamic collisions (involving moving objects) to work, then it’ll be time for a first optimization pass.

I also finally put together a video demonstrating the code hotloading feature I built so now I’m writing an article to go with the video that goes into detail about how it works.


Will work on Jasig/Apereo CAS Server client for iron.


I’m continuing working on some cargo bugfixes and refactorings and adding exercises to rustlings! I’d love more ideas on useful exercises :smile:

  • added some convenience functions for posix message queues to nix-rust (PR open right now).
  • working on examples in C and Rust for upcoming talk about Linux system programming with Rust (Rust Meetup Munich)


Got started on this helper tool to find and bundle DLL dependencies for Windows binaries. Nothing groundbreaking, there are scripts around that do the same - it just calls objdump to find linked DLLs in binaries.

It would be cool if it could use dumpbin instead of objdump, and maybe work as a cargo command but I’m leaving that for another week.


Working on my turn-based strategy game zoc. Added transport units and fixed ambush attacks visibility + few bugs. I hope to fix andoid build this week.


Very Interesting, and it would be great if you added “in RUST language” as a keyword to the title of the video or/and in description, because its hard to find the video on youtube and also after i watched the video, youtube suggested me to watch various videos with military exercises :wink:

Thank you!


Ah, good idea! I updated the title and tags on the video, though I don’t know how much I can help the related videos youtube picks :smile: