What's everyone working on this week? (Week 36, 2015)


Last week I got a sort-of working prototype of cargo-open going, but in order to make it work in all cases, I needed more information out of cargo. A few yaks later, I made a PR to cargo that just got in, and I think this week I can start popping the yak stack and hopefully get back to cargo-open :smile:


I’m adding debug drawing to my game to help visualize otherwise invisible things in the scene. I’m starting to work on collision detection and I needed a way visualize collision volumes.

  • Finishing up a packfile library for the Super Secret Game Project (which will be released separately. but it’s pretty crappy.)
  • Prototyping the mobile renderer for the Super Secret Game Project.
  • Doing lots of homework (ugh).
  • If I have time, working on Visual Rust some more.


Working on xml5_draft. It shows no changes, but I’m slowly chipping away at DOCTYPE states.


I’m implementing “named wildcards” (in need of a more appropriate name) for TreeRouter in Rustful. They are like path variables (/products/:id, where :id will capture the last section of the requested path in a variable), but they will instead capture a subsequence of a path. You can have a route like this: /head/*tail and request the path /head/a/b/c/d, and the router will capture a/b/c/d in a variable called tail.


Trying to call some compiled Rust code from Arduino C++ because I’m tired of C’s arrays. Not working so far.


Trying to make static site generator (small project) and I am helping with test projects like


How are you doing this without type level integers? Every time I try to hack something like this with traits that have associated constants, I get a compiler panic.


My arrayref package works around this by only exporting macros. It’s a crude hack, and things will be way better (and safer) with type-level integers, but for now it works.


Added a few features to urdict, the commandline interface to urban dictionary. And it’s actually an experiment of the kuchiki library.

features added:

word of today:

 $ urdict
Name Shame
The point at which it's too late to ask for someone's name because you spent so much time around them that you should already know it.

(Author: Dexpter, August 30, 2015, Def ID: 8378262)

Show examples

 $ urdict -e hey
A contraction for "Hello, I find you attractive and would like to dance with you, share some drinks with you, and then perhaps have sex with you.  Nothing serious, of course, and I doubt that this will result in a long term relationship, but I would appeciate you considering my proposal."

Guy at bar to attractive girl: "Hey."
Attractive girl to guy: "Go to hell, creep." (Moves to other side of bar.)

(Author: D.B. Echo, March 04, 2005, Def ID: 1099714)

listen to the sound clip

$ urdict -s hey | xargs mpv

Hope you like it. And I’m going to add an option to start urdict as a dictd server, so you can use gnome-dictionary or dcit to access it.

Beside of urdict, I will be back to work on handlebars-rust for some feature requests then.


Could you please call it “'static Site”? :slight_smile:

Seriously, I’d be interested in a static site generator in Rust, as it would allow us to generate most of our web properties without switching having to expect an additional stack to be installed.


there is one https://github.com/cobalt-org/cobalt.rs
I am going to test…


Hi, I opened an issue about test


I plan to read the full book of rust :smile:.


While we’re on the topic of static site generators, I’ve been working on gazetta. I’ve been meaning to re-architect a few things (and add an RSS feed/site map generation) but I’ve been busy with my thesis and it works well enough for my needs.

The main feature is that it is really fast.


I don’t start the project yet but I saw some projects where convert markdown in HTML.
Do you consider to make a team in github (gazetta) for your 3 projects? I can help you =D


I’m really late to the party, but this week I’m converting from Linux to Windows 10, coordinating packaging efforts, preparing for next week’s release.


Translate one tech article “Destructuring” into Chinese.


Nice effort @Scott_Huang. On which Chinese venues are you publicizing your translations?


I publish the translation to rust.cc , also share the github article link to CSDN and this forum . Thanks.

Btw, rust.cc is rust China forum, and CSDN(China Software Developper Network) is biggest Chinese tech website in the world.