What's everyone working on this week (9/2024)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I am experimenting with the number 360,360, which is evenly divisible by all integers in the range 1...15. Dividing by 14..7 gives me a range of 8 page sizes from 25,740 to 51,480. These pages are allocated from blocks of size 360,360.

I am not sure if such large database page sizes are desirable or not. At some point there are probably diminishing returns from reading large amounts of data at once, but it isn't yet clear to me where that happens. What I think is desirable is to have multiple page sizes, so you do not have (say) 50% of your disk space wasted.

I am still learning the actix-web framework :slight_smile:

Discovering actix-web, learning how to get useful information in the browser. Baby steps, but I have fun with it

Last week I spoke with the Async Working Group on maybe adding impl IntoFuture for std::thread::JoinHandle to the Rust standard library, to reduce the barriers to cooperation between blocking and async code. We concluded that it is plausibly a good idea but needs to have acceptable cancellation behavior (exactly what that is TBD) before it can be stable. This week, or at least sometime in the near future, I'd like to actually implement the idea.

Yesterday I added a link in Tokio's documentation.

Today I'm hoping to tackle a problem in my own game project, all-is-cubes; I originally came up with this big idea about transactional simulation logic that never has an update-order dependence, but never got around to writing the actual algorithm for identifying and continuing past conflicts (rather than just panicking).


Working on GitHub - zjp-CN/term-rustdoc: [WIP] A CLI for displaying and searching through Rust's crate doc

Previous work: What's everyone working on this week (8/2024)? - #4 by vague .

Progress in this week:

  • Solved a stack overflow issue for recurisve reexports in actix crate
  • Selection Panel for features and versions (here for usage details)
  • PkgToml block for viewing (name, version, features) in toml format on pkg the current cursor points to

For more information, see README, or press F1 in the CLI app!