What's everyone working on this week (9/2019)

New week, new Rust! What's everyone up to?

Adding an ability to close/terminate the Signals from arbitrary thread ‒ making it possible to shut down the background thread that handles signals.

Finally starting to get somewhere with my procedural text generation library - you can now add conditions to the grammar, so that the output will reflect the world model you've passed in. This week, I'll be working on what Improv called 'reincorporation' (where the world model gets updated as phrases are selected, so that the text doesn't contradict itself).

I also need to clean up the internals/API, because it's a bit of a horror show at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:


I released two crates last week (dw1000, dwm1001). This week, I'll start work on the next version of lpc82x. It's fallen behind some changes in the ecosystem and needs an update.

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Writing a set of macros to generate ffi fn types from a different language's definition:

type ToReturn = 
        csharp public static extern void print_msg(string message, int message_len)
fn print_msg(message: *const char, len: i32) -> () {}
let func: ToReturn = print_msg();
Oops scratch that, I didn't know that macro hygiene didn't allow for that. Sigh, there goes two afternoons and 77 lines of painstakingly difficult to read macros.

Disproven by this:

macro_rules! b{
    ($(($name:ident $i:ty))*) => {

pub type bar = fn(b!((a usize) (b usize) (c usize))) -> bool;

Which breaks:

error: macro expansion ignores token `,` and any following
  --> src/main.rs:9:11
9  |         $($i),*
   |           ^^

Implementing LSTM ( Long short-term memory - Wikipedia ) in Rust.

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Rust code generation from Avro schemas rsgen-avro.

I just closed issue #88 and added everything needed to render the cover image for the first edition of Physically Based Rendering book:

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Here is some additional information and a download link for the scene:


Working on a rust tech talk to share with folks at work, introducing the language and showing off some of the features to engineers and data scientists, some who might have heard of Rust but none of whom have used it. If anyone has any links to favorite presentations along those lines, feel free to send them my way!

Did a talk about Amethyst at a Rust meetup (youtube).

Currently updating game object components that use Amethyst's animation, to a simplified logic clock implementation so that it's easier to control game time.

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