What's everyone working on this week (8/2024)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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I have been working on this:

It is for an alternative way to manage storage of database pages. Up to now I used a small ( 1KB ) block size to build variable size pages of 1KB to 16KB.

The new alternative is to store the database in multiple files ( not actual OS files, "virtual files" which all end up being stored in the same file ), and to have 16 of these virtual files, with pages of different sizes being allocated from each virtual file (they can be relocated to fill any "holes" that arise). It means a page of 16KB can now be read in a single go rather than as 16 x 1KB reads.

It does appear to give some performance benefits, so I am quite pleased with it. It is a slightly tricky bit of code though, so may still have some bugs ( even though I have done a certain amount of testing ). Let me know if you can spot anything wrong with it!


After a long period of demotivation: I am currently porting a lot of game dev libraries I wrote while studying games programming from C/C++/C# and Go to Rust.

The concept is to provide basic-modules (that you need everywhere) and system-creates that you can use to "import" a runtime for the platforms supported. So you just include the input, windowing, audio, graphics crates you want and you have a "windows-directx-64" or an "linux-vulkan-64" runtime for your game. While the game is loaded from a dynamic library (for hot reloading the game code).

Currently all the basic libraries are implemented (math, sdl gamecontroller db, some macro crates, etc.) and I am working on platform specific stuff as well as some computational geometry stuff (for mesh generation, CSG, etc.)

It's a lot of work - but fun. (Also it needs to run windows and linux as my laptop runs ubuntu and my tower has win11 installed)


Previous work: What's everyone working on this week (7/2024)? - #3 by vague

An in-progress TUI for rustdoc for better UX on tree view and generic code. (Still not mature to be public)

New features:

highlight current headings in visual range

(i.e. auto-updated and clickable TOC on the right)


Cache Docs and Dashboard Popup

Select pkgs under local registry src folder to compile or select cached pkg docs to load.

  • Fuzzing search for local pkg names
  • Sorting in database panel