What's everyone working on this week (7/2016)?


New week new luck! What are you folks up to (sorry that I’m so late with posting)?


Just put up the first half of an interview with Sean Griffin about Diesel, web frameworks, type systems, etc. New Rustacean show_notes::interview::_1::part_1.

Rust as a High Level Language

Continue studying Rust via the book and starting to analyze the code of Cobalt.rs which is a project that I’m willing to help


More work on my elasticsearch client. Adding more tests and playing with rotor to build an async client.

Having fun with libsyntax for codegen. I’ve been constructing my ASTs manually (for shame), and am now appreciating the need for something like aster to make this more managable. I don’t regret working with libsyntax directly though, it’s helped me understand a lot about the Rust language and what the quote_* macros are really doing.


I’m improving a terminal UI library by writing a widget based inteface for creating terminal graphics. I did most of the initial work some months ago but plan on picking it back up and working the tweaks out. The repository itself is a detached clone of it’s parent, who has gone cold.


An example of how you can utilize terminal widget based programming:



Gradual progress on working my way through OpenGl in Rust. I’ve got everything I need to render a wireframe so I’m putting together a parser for the OBJ format so I can include a small example.


I’ve helped to finally publish the first nightly release of IntelliJ-Rust plugin for IntelliJ IDEA based IDEs :slightly_smiling:


Working on a rust framework for the newly released Vulkan API…


Might be worth to mention that @tomaka is doing the same over here https://github.com/tomaka/vulkano


I’ll definitely check that out. Seems like this person has had access to it since before the public release…


I’ve been working on AZDO features in glium for months now, and I wrote an example using the Mantle API when it was released (Mantle is the ancestor of Vulkan). This experience plus watching all the public talks that were given, plus analyzing the SPIR-V specifications that have been public for several months now allowed me to get started even without having access to the specs.


I’m a bit late: I ran another edition of Rust Berlin and am preparing the one for next week.