What's everyone working on this week (6/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I've been working on some frontend improvements for Are We Game Yet - it now passes the Chrome accessibility audits and loads a lot faster than it used to.

Next step is breaking out the games/resources sections onto seperate pages - the vast majority of the page load time at the minute is taken up by loading the game screenshots, so that should help make the site a bit more snappy :slight_smile:

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Loading the images according to the "scrolling" position might also be a possibility.. (See f.e. Apple: https://www.apple.com/iphone-11/ , the page weights about 20MB, most of them are loaded whilest scrolling)

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We were potentially wanting to split stuff up even aside from the loading issues (e.g. to add categories to the games - the full list is getting pretty long!) - lazy loading is definitely something else I want to look into, though!

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A small command-line tool to encode and decode comics, like building comic archives from individual chapters or extracting images from an existing comic.

Also a web framework that makes me learn how hard it is to optimize shared resources in Rust the hard way ^^'

Beginning to add network play to Will. Maybe that will bump the download count from 0 to 2 :smile:.

I worked on a new release of my Rust implementation of Physical Based Rendering:


I just published my first crate, bitbash :slight_smile: It's a macro to ergonomically work with bitfields.

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