What's everyone working on this week (6/2016)?


I’m contributing to my first Rust program - a continuous integration tool which will be used to help test some other open source projects that my employer works on. I’m working with another member of my team on this, and we’re currently in the process of getting approval to release this open source, so hopefully in a few weeks we can share it with you!


Fixing some (one, two) Linux-centrism in libraries :slight_smile: (Which allowed me to rewrite some of my dotfiles scripts in Rust – at least the most performance-critical one.)

Refactored some important things in Freepass and added KeePass import.

Also working on two projects I’m not ready to announce yet… well, okay, one of them is about sandboxing…


Working on a little LISP dialect implementing o-expressions. Not yet sure whether I’ll finish because it’s bigger than expected :smiley:
One question that came up is how to represent an AST