What's everyone working on this week (52/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Starting some work to move FlowBetween over to futures 0.3.

So far, there's a new version of my concurrency/scheduling crate desync which is updated to version 0.5. I've redesigned the scheduler so that future() operations are better supported and can steal execution time on the current thread when they're polled and the background threads are busy or unavailable.

I've also updated flo_binding, my 'stream-to-state-to-stream' state management crate to the new version of futures. There's not much else new, this library feels 'mature' to me in that it implements its main purpose very effectively.

I'm moving on to working on flo_stream, the pub/sub stream API that FlowBetween uses in many places for distributing events. I've previously used the Sink trait for the publishers which is proving an issue for me with the new version of futures: the new version is much more stateful (which I dislike) and requires a complete re-implementation of the library. I'm torn between doing the work to implement the new interface and replacing it with one of my own design. FlowBetween uses sinks in a few other important places and I can probably replace them all with publishers so right now that seems to tip the balance.

The canvas and UI crates are probably next once these are done: I think the rest of the application after those should be fairly simple to move over.

When I find time between the Christmas events I work on the async version of my backblaze library.

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