What's everyone working on this week (52/2015)?


With Christmas coming up, what are you folks up to Rust-wise?


Last time this came up I said I was working on a Quake 3 level loader. Well, that’s done, and I’m now turning it into a Quake 3 level viewer thanks to Glium.

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I’m putting together a serialization framework for Gunship so that I can start improving on hotloading functionality (with proper serialization I’ll be able to gracefully handle changes to struct definitions without having to restart the game). I’m learning a lot from Serde and it’s nice to be able to use that as a reference for doing custom derives (since there are few good explanations of how to do procedural macros under the current system).


I’m refactoring rustfmt and cargo-fmt, so they would become merely independent front-ends for the crate’s functionality.


Packaging. Latest rustc and cargo just migrated to Debian testing.


I wrote rust-haikunator, a crate for generating Heroku-like random names for use in Rust applications.

soft pine

You can also customize the size of the strings and use custom delimiters. It works well with utf8 code points too.


I’m still working on trust-dns (http//trust-dns.org). It’s become an obsession to finish. I have edns done and am working on finishing sig0. Then move on to the rest of dnssec.

It’s fun. Makes me love rust more and more. I definitely feel like the security stuff available to rust is a little light. I might need to contribute some patches back to the OpenSSL port.


I’m doing lots of various Rust related things.

First is my minifb lib over here

Also I’m working on a “gdb-remote” library so it will be easy to talk to a (remote) GDB (or whatever that implements the GDB serial protocol)

Last but not least I’m doing progress on adding full plugin support for Rust in my Debugger project over here


I hacked together a content-aware image resizing implementation, from the SIGGRAPH 2007 video+paper.


Learning Rust by fire by solving HFT challenges at Stockfigher.