What's everyone working on this week (51/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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This weekend I finally released a new version of Tetra (a 2D game framework) :slight_smile: Got lost down a bit of a rabbit hole for a few months while working on it, but I feel pretty happy with how it turned out.

Going to take a little break from actively working on new features to actually make some games now, hopefully :smiley:


broot seems to be ready for 1.0.
So I'm looking for people telling me otherwise:
# Version 1.0 - Please tell me what seems to be missing #76



Learning Rust by solving Advent of Code problems. I am struggling hard against the borrow checker and lifetimes, though. Hoping to find some answers here in the forum.

What are you up to?

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To compare my own renderer (rs-pbrt) against others (including commercials ones) I started dumping triangles and some camera settings into Arnold's scene description (Blender's v.279 internal raytracer above with simple materials and lighting, Arnold without any shading and lighting below):

The idea is to save test scenes in Blender's file format and render it directly (using Rust to extract relevant information from the .blend file) or through conversion into another scene description file format. My own renderer (also written entirely in Rust) e.g. ships with an example program (using the API) to render such a .blend file directly:

parse_blend_file --integrator whitted --samples 16 ~/git/gitlab/rs-pbrt-test-scenes/blend/barbershop_v2_79.blend

The scene comes from Blender's demo files, gets slighlty modified (see rs-pbrt-test-scenes for WIP) and will render with e.g. Arnold like this:

# convert .blend to btoa.ass
btoa ~/git/gitlab/rs-pbrt-test-scenes/blend/barbershop_v2_79.blend
# render with Arnold
kick -dp btoa.ass -v 0 -as 3 -bs 32 -bc random -of png -o arnold.png

Don't expect arbitrary Blender files to render correctly. But there will be some documentation at some point. Right now I just implement whatever I need for my comparisons ...


I just released a driver for the VEML6030 ambient light sensor. See the blog post here.


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