What's everyone working on this week (50/2018)

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

New Rust user here; I’m trying to work my way through The Book inbetween taking care of ill toddlers.

New(ish) Rust user, Hello.

I maintain a Web toolkit/interface for Elixir and am currently seeing how well it ports to Rust.
Looking good so far although routing (Read strings) is tricky.

Code is here but be warned no docs/context etc yet https://github.com/CrowdHailer/raxx.rs

I’ve been working on adding support for BLAKE2b for orion. It needs another thorough review, then it should be ready to be included. I’ll try to get that done and further polishing the API. If I can manage it, the plan is to replace HMAC and PBKDF2 with BLAKE2b and Argon2i, in the high-level API before the next release.

I’m also thinking about entirely removing PBKDF2 and HMAC, to remove the sha2 dependency in an effort to decrease the amount of unsafe code in orions dependencies. Then maybe re-add those if orion gets a safe-Rust implementation of sha2. I haven’t decided on what to do here yet, though I’m very open to suggestions.

My weekend project was getting text rendering working in Tetra using RustType and glyph-brush. Seems to be working alright so far, so I've released it in v0.1.6!

I'm hoping to spend some time this week upgrading to Rust 2018 - since that'll mean a bump to the minimum supported version of rustc (I think?), I'll probably take that opportunity to do a 0.2.0 and make any other breaking changes I've been holding off on until now.


Trying to finish my cargo subcommand crate for building Rust on Nintendo 64. I’m putting the finishing touches on it, like adding FAT file system support to the processed ROM. (Volume formatting recently landed in fatfs! So now I can create volumes in memory in 100% Rust.)

cargo-n64 will arrive somewhere around here soon (I hope): https://github.com/rust-console


Reimplementing std::env::Args on Windows in an effort to avoid a bunch of GUI-process overhead.


I’ve been working on a system for inspecting and modifying Halo 3 maps/tags for a future project. The Halo tag system is somewhat of a marvel in my opinion, and I tend to use it as a common ground to learn different languages when dealing with binary data. I’ve been trying to follow the concepts discussed by Mat Noguchi at GDC 2005, which is a great outline of the philosophy behind it.

I just finished to implement a RealisticCamera, but bits and pieces can be executed in parallel and I haven't done that yet.

@abusch started to contribute parts from his version of a Rust implementation of PBRT last week:

So this must be the highest amount of commits for this repository since I started working on it. He actually started way earlier than me on his project and we were aware of each others efforts, but last week we decided to join forces and I think it was a nice start ...

So, what's left to do this week is to clean up a bit, maybe add the parallel parts for RealisticCamera, write an announcement for the new version (to come) and publish it (and an updated version of the Rust documentation) @ rs-pbrt.org ...

Thanks, @abusch, for your contributions !!!

BTW the rings visible in the C++ version (see ticket mentioned in first sentence) are fixed now:


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I've been working on the infrastructure that I'll need to render missile trails in my Gravity Wars clone, which at this point is really more of a WebAssembly + WebGL demo rather than a working game. The code is still a bit of a mess, but it's coming along reasonably well for a first Rust project.

Screenshot of the current version, which basically just renders a couple of meshes and allows panning the view with the mouse:

I fixed Error handler for my first API in rust and I implemented the possibility to save in database a vector of data and I started to create integration test. Surely I finish it this week.

Because I got bored with the snake game (I’m not very artistic :sweat_smile:) so I’m going to make a crate that lets you get up and running with android/piston development fast. Just started though, and I am rather behind, because of opengles_graphics being out of date, and rather old (I don’t want my crate to be piston2d-graphics = "0.21.0" while the current one is 0.28.0 etc.) So I’m going to “fix” it up rather than turning the current opengl_graphics into what I need, because it’s ~25 versions higher, and not exactly my area of ability…


I’ve been working on changing the parsing code for my command line based todo app (because one can never have enough of these) over to nom, I was just splitting strings and examining the tokens earlier.

In the beginning I had a hard time with nom but I’m having a lot of fun using it now. The parser for the command line is certainly much easier to reason about than it was earlier because it is built from smaller parsers.

I started support to categorise entries based on tags, the parser recognises them now, next I will look into how I can save them into sled.

small demo

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Added documentation to Amethyst for assets, formats, and prefabs.
This week perhaps write the call for 2019 roadmap blog post, and begin revamping my game’s asset loading to use prefabs.

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