What's everyone working on this week (5/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I started to work on Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping (SPPM) ... Let's see how far I will get this week ...

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Still working on a native Cocoa port of FlowBetween. It's starting to look like itself again. It's been going a bit slower than anticipated for a few reasons - in particular, Quartz makes it needlessly hard to draw offscreen and then get those pixels onscreen in a timely manner.

It's looking like this at the moment - drawing anything other than scribbles doesn't really work as something is up with how the affine transform is getting set so everything is off, so this is the result of me trying to get the basic event flow for painting actions working (and everything drawing in the wrong place):


I've got a bunch of controls to write and quite a few cosmetic fixes to get done (those buttons and the vertical alignment of text being most obvious in the screenshot). There's an event flow control mechanism I need to implement too, which is helpful for when updates are being laggy.

Planning to get this finished up this week or next week so I can move on to some more features: I think getting path and layer re-ordering working is probably what to do next.


I've made a couple of GitHub Actions for clippy, rustfmt and cargo-fix.

They provide validation as linters, and might provide fixes driven by Pull Request reviews or automatically modify PRs on push.

They are here: GitHub - bltavares/actions: Collection of linters and fixers as Github Actions - Alpha

I'm working in Malaga framework project, but I have to decide if use Kafka or RabbitMQ