What's everyone working on this week (49/2017)?


Continuing to dump countless hours into writing and refactoring private research code that will probably never be seen or used by a single soul other than me, which computes a number of physical quantities that are ostensibly supposed to matter to me, all the while wondering what ever possessed me to switch from computer science to physics—as I have been for the last 3 or so years.


Started writing my own web framework. Again.


Trying to work on fleshing out more Rocket templates for “fedibook” (official name TBD)

Federated Social Media Network in Rust.


To learn, or because the current pantheon of Rust offerings are missing something you want?


Both. I don’t like any of them (including my failed attempts ;)).


haha–fair enough! I’m curious–what kinds of features are you looking for? (I’m not connected to any of the offerings out there–just curious).


The MPL is suitable for Rust libraries that want strong copy-left enforcement, much like the LGPL is suitable for binary libraries in other languages. Since libs/programs are generally compiled statically, the LGPL in a single apply would therefore have to apply to all libraries it compiles with. The MPL only covers specific files, so it can be safely used in Rust libraries and play nice with other ones. I actually use it for all of my library crates (applications are GPLv3+) because of it.


I never interacted with C directly without a wrapper, so in order to practice I’m writing some code to handle TUN/TAP interfaces in Linux.

So far it’s easier than I expected! I’m hoping I can make the code 100% Rust without requiring any build time shenanigans.


Assuming you mean me: Exactly what susurrus said. Unfortunately I licensed imag with LGPL … MPL would be more appropriate.


I have power blips that shut off my secondary computer every so often so this week I’ve written a custom key-value store to my Abrute project so it now has a resume feature for continuing decryption attempts. Besides that I’ve added options for manually setting the workload chunk size per processor and cluster support for splitting work across multiple computers.

Up next I’m going to implement a custom reporting system for it so I can have options between STDOUT and reporting to a master server over something like UDP. Might do it as a plugin system. But I definitely want to make a fancy benchmark display for live performance stats.


haha–fair enough! I’m curious–what kinds of features are you looking for? (I’m not connected to any of the offerings out there–just curious).

Composability, good async support, based on the http crate (at least at the edges) instead of their own custom wrapper.

Websocket support, maybe, but that’s something I’ll do later.


Cool, thank you, @skade :slight_smile:


Well, the week is almost over, but I did work on a couple of (rs_pbrt) things:

  1. Add pictures and explain the current three integrators in the documentation.
  2. Add an image from Wikipedia for a Perspective Camera.
  3. Solve issue #26 by changing the order of RNG (Random number generator) calls.
  4. Add pictures and explain the current four samplers.
  5. Allow blackbody param type (see issue #32), used in updated/new scene from the PBRT input file documentation.


I’ve finished fix for Gentoo’s rust installation https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/46592


Attempting adventofcode.com in rust. Going well so far.


Hi @KodrAus, Have you got a chance to add cluster sniffing? I couldn’t find an option.