What's everyone working on this week (48/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Trying to find a way how to properly organize repo & tests & documentation for a Rust crate that contains WASM & isomorphic NPM package. Not a lot of examples, recommendations, … around.

I've finished implementing 2 player mode in my snake game, and have also made quite a few improvements in performance.


I’m working on Boa, a JavaScript interpreter written in Rust. If you’ve heard of js.rs before it’s a reincarnation of that project.

Right now it can run very basic js, but there’s a lot to do, hoping to run it on top of HolyJit at somepoint too.

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I’m finishing my first rust API using actix.
To implement:

  • bad request handler error
  • possibility to request vector of people instead of one person

So, I got basic file management in FlowBetween working: it’s now possible to re-order and re-name them, which makes the opening screen a bit more of a friendly place:


I still need to make them deletable, but it also seems some bit-rot has set in. Trying out the UI on my iPad reveals that something in Safari isn’t happy any more (canvas updates apparently seem to stop at some point) and I’ve upgraded the version of gtk I’m using which isn’t sending clicks properly any more. I also need to get things like controls that accept both clicks and drags working properly so this week is probably going to be about adding file deletions and fixing a bunch of small things in the UI.

I'm starting to work towards an (extremely early, probably of no use to anyone but me) alpha of Tetra, which means I need to work on some docs and examples. Given the name of the project, there was an obvious choice :slight_smile:

It's already helped me find several bugs in the code, so well worth the effort so far!


Navigating the wild west of blockchain governance while also building a Rust book that aims to explain (and eventually demonstrate) the core crypto protocols of Grin.

I’ve started to collect examples and links to FFI related content under the Are We Extending Yet?, in the same idea of others Are we ... yet?

I really like the idea that Rust might be able to extend languages and other runtimes, and I thought it would be useful to add a collection of materials to help with that.

My idea is to add more information and summarize how to integrate with other runtimes, and maybe even add tutorials and so on.

Feel free to help with that: https://github.com/areweextendingyet/areweextendingyet.github.io


I’ve just published v0.1.0 of mer, a small crate for parsing ELF64 images. It is especially designed for use within bootloaders and kernels, and I’m planning to use it within the Pebble bootloader for loading the kernel image.

I decided to write (yet another) ELF library because I couldn’t find a good way to extract the value of a symbol with a specific name using either xmas_elf or goblin, which are the libraries I’ve had experience with. The ELF format can be a bit of a pain, especially the strings, but I felt it was time for a library to make it easy.

It doesn’t yet support program headers or relocations, but it’s a good start for my purposes.