What's everyone working on this week (47/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I re-jigged the shared paged data module in my database again, switched to using parking_lot for Mutex and RwLock, and managed to solve a silly bug in my date conversion routines ( somehow a couple of plus/minus operators were the wrong way around ).

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New to rust, so I am going to learn more and understand the basics of the language.

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I have rediscovered my fascination with programming. It's been a long time.10th Grade,school year 1981-1982 to be exact.First time the school board here introduced computer courses to curriculum.PC's were just getting out of the gate.I loved that course.
I've been taking in some tutorial vids on Rust.The people that take the time to share their knowledge I much appreciate. That being said,I'm giving a shout out to Edureka's Linux Administration Certification Training channel,Traverse Media and Ryan Levick,so far. I know there are many more.
I like GNU Emacs,vim and have recently discovered vs code.Great extentions for vs code.The 'Rust In Peace' theme solidifies just how much vs code rocks.


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