What's everyone working on this week? (45/2016)

Another week to fill with your Rustications.


Currently working on documenting and fleshing out my library escapade, which provides convenient appending of strings that need to be html escaped (e.g. when embedding user-passed values in an HTML template). It both appends strings to strings and strings to writers.

It works under a similar assumption as ActiveSupports SafeBuffer: Strings are considered unsafe unless proven otherwise (either by escaping or by the programmer marking them as such).


I'm hoping to mess around with the WIP tokio branch of hyper, which looks like it isn't building right now. It looks like a simple fix to get it going again though (famous last words).

My interest is in clients rather than servers.


You have some code like this:

match s.set_write_timeout(Some(timeout)) {
    Ok(()) => (),
    Err(err) => return Err(RiakError::IoError(err)),

It could be better written like so:


Although I highly recommend against single letter idents as they are bad practice.

I meant to add this to the correct week, and accidentally added it to last week, and is it too late for this week? If so, please add these to next week's issue.