What's everyone working on this week (44/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I wrote a post about “Send the sender trick”, here: https://www.freedomlayer.org/cswitch/send-the-sender/
It explains about a trick of sending a channel Sender part through another channel, and how it can be used to create request-response based Future services.

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I just closed issue #67, which means that the test scene using subdivision surfaces renders fine now:


I’ve been working on using Rust for the halite tournament for the past week. I wanted to challenge the idea that game bots can only be written in high-level scripting languages like lua and instead use Rust itself to code out all the rules-based strategies.

I’m planning on releasing my tools (a bunch of scripts) that maintain my rust workflow in iterating quickly on bot designs for everyone else to get up to speed and try their own ideas out!

So far I just have the build and upload process outlined. Please check it out at let me know if you find any issues!

I will be adding more examples soon!


I’m working on my Tiny-C compiler for uni. With the help of the kind people at pest.rs’ Gitter, I’ve been getting better at writing parsers.

This week’s task will be expanding the grammar to final scope (probably) and starting work on the semantic step! I’m having a ton of fun, and people are always helping <3

Have a good week!

PS: I would post a link, but for now the repo is private (it’s a class assignment, after all). When it’s done, I’ll probably publish the repo and put it under Pest’s examples :slight_smile:

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Hi, Rust noob here.

I just wrote my first blog post about Rust lifetimes and would be extremely grateful for constructive feedback


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