What's everyone working on this week (43/2015)?


I’ve been looking into bringing the “user as a function” concept from Cycle.js to Rust… let’s see what is going to come out of it.


Quick update! I’ve released crate array_tool at version 0.2.4 . :smiley: It adds additional methods for Vectors that you would expect to have in higher languages, such as Ruby. Almost a dozen methods now and you can expect plenty more to come! If you have a method you would like to implement for Vectors feel free to contribute! :sunglasses:


I am working on:

  • evolutionary algorithms: evo-rs
  • graph related things: triadic census, [graph layouting][3] and [graph generation][4]
  • Hungarian algorithm for the assignment problem [munkres-rs][5] (this is in preparation of implementing another graph similarity algorithm).
  • Some weeks ago I was working on a [simulator for spiking neural networks using the Izhikevich model][6].

[3] https ://github.com/mneumann/graph-layout-rs
[4] https ://github.com/mneumann/graph-generators-rs
[5] https ://github.com/mneumann/munkres-rs
[6] https ://github.com/mneumann/izhikevich-neurons


I’m upgrading my rust VM finally (done) and fix the bugs in my download-backend, written in rust.


I’m starting to port a prototype of a server controlled by a direct democracy from Python to Rust (since I may try to run it in space if possible)


I don’t understand what this means at all, but it sounds really cool.