What's everyone working on this week (41/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Improving search quality and keyword guessing on https://lib.rs, improving the maintainer chore reminder.
I've also reduced use of the deprecated authors property. Now it displays only authors that can be mapped to known GitHub accounts, and not unknown names.


I'm trying to add rkyv support to typed-sled (a sled wrapper that provides a typed API instead of raw bytes). It already supports bincode and is easily usable with other serializers, but it has to be adapted for rkyv.

(if someone has a suggestion for an embedded key-value typed database...)

Wrapping my head around osmio and trying to add capability to read bz2/gz/uncompressed files as discussed here.

The crate has 3 sets of same data structures, plain data, Rc<T> and Arc<T> and traits are used to make sure they have the same API. Not sure I can change anything without breaking things. Probably the next thing to actively learn is testing.

Knocked out a website for semi-private (random URL, share elsewhere) online polls: https://score.vote/


I'm trying to prove there are no 4-height orphans in Conway's game of life. The question of whether such orphans exist is decidable, but I'm using algorithms that can fail to provide an answer because I'm trying to get a result in a reasonable amount of time. It's proven to be surprisingly difficult.

Trying to implement some version of marble testing for Stream combinators - I should definitely see if I can get it upstreamed into futures when I'm happy.

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