What's everyone working on this week (41/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Ratmole, a crate that can resolve use-paths to the actual item they refer to. So basically, this crate enumerates all items in a crate and its dependencies (accounting for re-exports).
Of course, this is still heavily a WIP.

I've added the basic parts needed for editing animation regions to FlowBetween. It's not desperately exciting yet but there's a new tool and you can draw out regions:

There's more to this than it might seem as the scene is rendered using the new canvas animation crate so the region is carved out when rendering and has an animation effect applied to it. It's just it's an empty effect right now.

So this week I'll be looking at actually making it possible to actually add some effects. Frame-by-frame animation of the region is the easiest, though I think moving the region contents around is probably the most useful to add.

Another thing that's here is a way to draw 'overlay' items onto a layer: the animation outline shown here doesn't show when you pick a different layer to edit (and won't when it's possible to export the animation either). I've wanted to add a grease pencil tool for annotating layers for a while now so I might also take a look at that too now that most of the support is already there.

Working towards a 1.0 release of constmuck.

Now that panicking at compile-time has been marked stable in nightly, I'm doing the final touches for a new release of const_format with compile-time assertion macros with formatting that don't require unstable features.

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