What's everyone working on this week (40/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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Made a crate for unsafe, inline, type erasure: typeless
Links: crates.io, repository

Building out the data structures needed for the UI for the new animation regions in FlowBetween. Layer rendering is now done via an animation layer, so the aim is to add a new tool to make it possible to define a region and attach an animation to it (probably just the simple motion animation initially).

Probably reworking the path editing tool as a side-quest - I added a new way to build tools using futures that saves on the usual state management, which a lot of the old tools don't use yet, and things like drawing out a path for a region to follow would be much easier with that style.

update: new safe layer on top of it called inline_any
crates.io, repository

Good day!

I've been working on Russell and Plotpy: GitHub - cpmech/russell: Rust Scientific Libary. Matrix-vector laboratory, OpenBLAS, sparse direct solvers. and GitHub - cpmech/plotpy: Rust plotting library using Python (Matplotlib)

Russell is a library for scientific computations and plotpy is a plotting tool that uses Python/Matplotlib as an "invisible" engine.

I'm hoping to get some Hacktoberfest contributions!


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