What's everyone working on this week (40/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

At work, I'm working on extending support for low-power modes for the STM32L0x2 microcontroller in stm32l0xx-hal.

At home (as if I didn't work from home already), I'm working on my own programming language, a project that's been going on for a few months now. It's just started looking somewhat semi-usable (just finished implementing lexical scoping). The language is meant to be embedded into a host application, and doing that is going to be the next step.

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After releasing the driver for the VEML6075 UVA/UVB light sensor this weekend, I am working on two ambient light sensor drivers: VEML6030 (sponsored by SDC Systems Ltd.) and OPT300x

Moving test modules from all my workspace crates into a dedicated workspace_tests crate.

Rumour has it, this will avoid compilation producing 200G of test binaries :zipper_mouth_face:. Not unlikely, given my game's debug binary is 450M, and I've got 102 crates in my workspace.

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I was running cargo audit for the first time on my rs-pbrt renderer and fixed the first problem by following the suggestion to upgrade the image crate to >= 0.21.3 ... There is still a security problem with memoffset (which comes from crossbeam 0.7.1 I assume):

It looks like a nice system to deal with security problems. Rust and its community is just great :love_letter: