What's everyone working on this week (40/2017)?


New week new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Polishing my STM32 firmware project in preparation for the next large milestone (support for thread cutting on a manual lathe).

I’ve polished and published to crates.io three libraries I developed while working on the project (as much as it is possible given that those libraries are only used in one project!):

  • lcd, library implementing HD44780 protocol
  • stm32-hal, HAL-like library for STM32 device crate (only stm32f103xx is currently supported). At this moment, provides extra APIs for GPIO and FLASH.
  • eeprom, EEPROM emulation with Flash memory (uses idea from AN2594 Application Note)


I’m started with rust some Werks ago and now trying to create my own database driver using low level tcp for MySQL. (Just a learning Project )


I do some refactorings on clerk:

  • better types (e.g. Character + upper and lower nibbles, Level, …)
  • remove dependencies to std (already done)
  • write_message

I will also try to add some new features:

  • feature flags for hardware dependent functions (e.g 4/8 data line mode, read-only/read-write, and so on)
  • 8bit mode

Help and suggestions are always welcome.