What's everyone working on this week (4/2023)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


My hope is to release uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) v0.34.0 this week. There have been a huge number of new quantities and units added since v0.33.0.


I have just made IronswornCompanionBot public. This Telegram Bot rolls over the oracle tables for Irownsworn (classic) TTRPG. It is one of my early attempts at getting rusty while doing something I love (coding + TTRPG)!

The bot itself can be reached here on Telegram.


Spent Monday evening releasing version 0.9.0 of Rust Geodesy. Minimal(istic) PROJ-like pure-Rust geodetic functionality.

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I've just released mars-t v0.1.0, an early-development version of a reusable library and a CLI application calculating the date and time on Mars based on an Earth's UTC, TAI or TT. :crazy_face:

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