What's everyone working on this week (4/2017)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


I managed to implement a Ruby binding for imag this weekend (only the store, only the core parts).

I want to test this and write a Ruby gem for it, so I can have nice things in my Ruby code and afterwards I want to add libimagentry{list,link,view,filter,tag,markdown} to the bindings, so one can have really nice things in the Ruby code.

After that is done, these bindings can be used to script imag and finally get it into a usable shape! I’m so excited!


Gonna move on from dbf parsing to shapefile parsing. Have most of it done already


This week I work on connection pool for my Rust Cassandra Driver. It looks as if it will be implemented via r2d2. At least it is an easiest solution which I could imagine at the moment.


I got some better response parsing into elastic. The docs need more work next.

I’ve started messing around with using C# to write async hyper handlers. It’s a really simple start; I’m just allocating a buffer in Rust and writing to it from .NET, requesting resizes if necessary. Next I’ll work on a simple API for starting a tokio loop with a .NET callback. Eventually it would also be neat to be able to poll a C# Task as a Rust future.


Finishing up the EFX support for alto. With that, most useful, common AL extensions should be fully supported. After that I’ll probably take another pass at the docs and make it more clear which symbols things map to.


I have been writing a small REST user service using Rocket and Diesel. Just to try it out. Using EphemeralPg for testing. Planning on writing a series of blog posts once I have gotten some more basic stuff finished for it.


Getting familiar with console ui toolkits so I could start writing my own midnight commander clone


Working on finishing https://github.com/ipld/rust-cid


Getting familiar with console ui toolkits so I could start writing my own midnight commander clone

Uuh, that’s nice! If you use Cursive feel free to share your experiences with me! I’m really interested in writing a terminal UI with cursive for imag.


I am using cursive. It seems to be most advanced option, and its being actively developed. I’ve had two issues with it, and both were quickly fixed in last few days (missing real full screen and broken termion backend), so now it provides all I need.


I’m working on an OPC UA server (and eventually client) implementation for Rust.

Progress so far means it’s possible to connect opc-commander to the server as all of the basic serialization, handshakes, secure channel, session creation is working (or looks to the client like its working). This week is about producing the address space and a basic subscription request / response.

Then some backfilling.


Started a new game project called STRATIS: https://github.com/viperscape/stratis

It’s primary focus is the completion of the game server; I haven’t worked out details of the game but will be about mining planets for resources, factions, and trade-- maybe even basic dice-based battle.

So far I have implemented basic networking, client connection and basic authentication, and chat using a distributor service. Next up is defining Player struct in more detail, refining chat with usernames and maybe regions (right now it’s broadcast or direct), create a mailbox type scenario for offline chat messaging, and most important providing storage for the game data. I’m open to all ideas and contributions


Gonna start an i18n plugin.

I would use gettext po format for compatibility with translating systems, but the strings would be converted and embedded at compile time.