What's everyone working on this week (39/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Err... quite a few projects.

  • Egui and SDL2 on embedded linux (buildroot). I'm using plain software SDL2 to gain LInux KMS rendering, which means I can boot right to the app in a tty (my room4doom project can do this now also).

  • Huge refactor of asusctl to use tokio runtime instead of smol, sort of forced by inotify-rs using tokio. That's all good because the daemon gained superpowers thanks to tokio and a lot of code is now simplified.

  • Also refactored supergfxctl to add support for ASUS specific dGPU switches, update zbus version (amazing project!), and also use tokio because why not.


Kept learning, had to work around the limitations of xml-rs and refactor to quick-xml crate.

Got less blockers now, but some things still are painful. For instance, quick-xml has shortcut methods that let you create a tag and nest tags in it (<the_tag><nested_tag></the_tag>). The problem is that you have to use a closure for it, and it consumes the temporary writer struct. And the only way around is to avoid it at all and use low-level structs. It's still not clear to me where to expect such behavior.

Learned to use mem_take().

Also switched from generic Box<dyn Error> to my own error class, and wrote conversions into it from libraries errors. This made return types a lot lighter, and in the process I learned that there aren't that many of them really.

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