What's everyone working on this week (37/2017)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

After spending a good bit of time on uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) last week I think I'm getting close to being able to support all types that implement the Num trait as an underlying storage type.

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I'm moving over to pest = "^1.0.0-beta", in the hope to avoid stack overflows with large scene files ...

Scene from here:

Currently creates stack overflow during parsing:

Hopefully the latest pest version solves the problem, otherwise I have to use another solution to create a scene description parser.

Going to keep working on the rust port of miniz @frommi and me have been working on. Hoping to have an experimental rust back-end for flate2 in the not too distant future.

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If my day job leaves me with some time for experimenting, I will try to fix some of the issues from popsicle which are already reported — and at the same time make refactor the code to make it nicer after reading this article about type conversions.

Working on polish for the next release of elastic, cleaning up docs, preludes, generics and whatnot. We need a new release of reqwest first, which might be a while off so I've got docs building on the master branch again so it's easier to work with.

I'd like to spend some time exploring buildbot integration, maybe bors.ng so that I don't have to sit and wait for builds to finish before merging things.

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I started working on a procedural macro to convert GCC style inline assembly to rust style https://github.com/parched/gcc-asm-rs. It's mostly working, just need to handle m constraint correctly and clobbers.

I rewrote my Ruby gem FasterPath, which implements Ruby's Pathname in Rust, from FFI to ruru. I plan to use the rest of this week towards finishing a full implementation of Ruby's Pathname class in Rust.

I'm also eager to help ruru reach 1.0 so I'll be studying and experimenting implementing more of Ruby's libruby in ruru.