What's everyone working on this week (37/2016)

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Speeding up serde codegen compile time by a factor of 10 by removing the dependency on Syntex. Work in progress at serde-rs/serde#548.

It is based on syn which is a nom parser for Rust structs and enums that compiles in 4 seconds instead of Syntex's 60. In bar chart form:

syntex ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ :(
   syn ████ :)

Going to start hacking around with some of @BurntSushi's string matching stuff, which I've just discovered is all totally awesome. Particularly this gem in regex.

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I've published my first crate differential-evolution with an Iterator interface, and now I'd like to create a parallel version. I have no idea yet how to best parallelize in rust, looking forward to learning that!

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now I'd like to create a parallel version

When I hear iterator and parallel in the same sentence I usually think of rayon. Might be worth a look?

Thanks! I'll have a look

Working on my AppVeyor API library: happv. My error handling has largely been inspired by this crate.

Working my tail off to get v0.2.0 of Statrs out. All that's left is to finish and test the Beta distribution. So close yet so far...

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Working on cdc-rs, a library for doing Content-Defined Chunking. That's my first Rust library as I am still learning the language.