What's everyone working on this week (36/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I am working on UBJSON (Universal Binary JSON) format support for serde: GitHub - x2bool/serde_ub_json: UBJSON serialization for Rust using Serde

I have a working solution with serialization and deserialization now, and made first simple benchmarks against serde_json: I am surpised that my library in the worst case performs 3x worse than serde_json, and in the best case is on par with it (I imagined 10x difference or worse at this stage). So now I am excited to learn about optimization techniques to see what I can achieve.


Last weekend I had a look at the upcoming Rust support for the Linux kernel.

I was so impressed by the progress the project has made at this point that I decided to write a couple paragraphs about the experience which I finished yesterday. The result is a tutorial-ish series of three articles exploring Rust-for-Linux from a perspective of someone who isn’t a kernel developer.

If anyone is curious about the current state of the project, I encourage you to have a look as it is surprisingly advanced.

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Trying out Tauri. I've created a simple gui for https://gif.ski and now trying to build something bigger.


I got a book which is nice for new comer, I wish

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