What's everyone working on this week (36/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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I didn't start this Project this week, but I'd like participate more and post it.

My current goal is to implement a JavaScript engine in pure rust.
The Parser is written using nom. It is halfway decent and only breaks 50% of the time. While I do realize that a lot more work needs to put into it, I started moving on to implementing the Virtual Machine to run my custom bytecode. Main reason for that is to keep me motivated.

Haven't had such a huge fun while programming in quite a long while and I'm thankful for it.


I'm running cargo check on every version of every Rust crate in order to build an alternative registry with only the old-compiler-compatible crates. A proof of concept here:


Working on helping to debug a few issues in android-rs-glue about the compilation process, apparently switching from rust 1.36.0 to rust 1.37.0 broke a few exposed symbols causing a crash on android due to it not finding the appropriate entrypoint.

I'm working on a from-scratch implementation of a DNSCrypt server proxy in Rust.

A good opportunity to play with async/await.


Learning Rust by building a terminal clock.

Would appreciate any constructive feedback!

Polishing my set of database cli tools:

Mostly implemented camera movement:

  • Average positioning based on tracked entities.
  • Keep camera within map edges.
  • Look ahead to where characters are facing.


Is it convenient to post your repo link?:grinning:

I like this clock and would like to contribute. Do you notice that the display flickers? I notice it on my machine. I'll work on a PR towards moon phase. Maybe the flickering too if you also think that's an issue.

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Thanks! Yes please feel free to contribute in any way you like.

Yes I did notice the flickering. It seems if I change the refresh rate in the code it affects the flickering. I also compiled and ran on a raspberry pi and the flickering was MUCH worse.

So yes please take a look at the flickering too if you like :slight_smile:

Creating simple cli database management system(like MySQL command line tool, but uses json) for learning rust, so far so good. I can get it to create database with name, show list of databases, read value from database.

Writing audio meters using deprecated standards (sample-based peak meter and VU-meter, will implement dBTP and LUFS later on) as a learning exercise in real-time audio. That is super-fun, hungry for more!

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Working on the higher level companion to libhoney called beeline-rust.

Once beeline is in a usable state, it should provide middlewares to at least actix-web and rocket for sending traces of requests to Honeycomb.