What's everyone working on this week (34/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Only 221 more Clippy warnings to fix. I wrote a lot of code without using Clippy, and now I'm going for Clippy compliance.

Most of the grumbling is about structure constructors where I wrote Foo { bar: bar } instead of Foo {bar}. I can live with doing it Clippy's way.

Clippy doesn't like wildcard match patterns like

`Foo | Bar | Baz | _ => {}`

Yes, I know the values are redundant, but it's nice to have them written out for documentation purposes. Is there some way to get the same effect without Clippy warnings or omitting the redundant values?

I agree with most of what Clippy wants. The only Clippy warning I've overridden so far involved enum values named BOOL and IPADDR, which were later used via macros to match incoming text while decoding a text file. They had to have exactly that capitalization.

You can now test my experimental lossless video codec with a minimal screen capture P2P conference example: ZettaScript / imgcodec ยท GitLab

Only 63 more Clippy warnings to fix.

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