What's everyone working on this week (34/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Updating trees crate to version 0.2.0

I’m still working on my weather station. Currently i’m trying to figure out why the microcontroller gets reset randomly

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Still working on the DWM1001 project. Good progress over the last week. Mostly, I implemented an SPI Master API for nrf52-hal, used that to talk to the DW1000 transceiver, and figured out how to get debug output to the host PC.

Now everything’s in place to do some fun stuff with the DW1000. I started working on a DW1000 driver crate and will hopefully be sending wireless packages between two DW1000s pretty soon!

I had fun writing a block mode text-editor for svgbob


I built a publisher for the edit stream and used it to build a new keyframe control for FlowBetween:


It’s a pretty complicated control as it needs to update based on edits happening elsewhere in the app as well as model changes. Debugging this seems to have resulted in the first ‘real’ frame-by-frame animation, which is a neat milestone.

There’s a bunch of stuff I still want to improve with this and some older code that needs to be switched to the new pubsub mechanism but I’m trying to keep moving on whenever things start working. This week I’m revisiting the bezier curves library: I need to add curve/curve intersections and path arithmetic, the ultimate goal being the flood fill and inking tool.

New to Rust, working on a “simple” client-server (rpc) system using ws-rs and json to allow me to query sensors on various raspberry pi and to allow pi’s to use the much stronger processing power on my Unix desktop for number crunching. Code so far is a half page client that can now run commands “edited in” on the networked pc. (so far external commands only (ls, df, ps, etc) - using json for call-name, opts and args (I did this in Python with zeromq and messagepack (on GitHub)) - but Rust is so much faster … The server is so far just one page of code. ((Learning a lot, though!!!))

I started working on a parser, which can use another renderers scene description (in this case Arnold’s .ass files). See issue 55 for more details and updates in the future …

Hopefully this will give me access to all our glorious production scenes (at some point) @ The Mill (or Technicolor, the mother company).

I’ve been flitting back and forth between working on my toy programming language project and playing around with OpenGL for the first time.

I’m at that tricky point with the former where I need to decide if I want to keep it dynamically typed (less likely to make me tear my hair out) or start working towards adding a type checker (more like a language that I’d actually want to use). It’s a fairly big choice, so naturally I’m procrastinating :slight_smile:

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