What's everyone working on this week (34/2017)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Updated the CI for cargo-nuget to make sure it works with the latest release of the DotNet SDK, which it does. I've got my sights set on wrapping C# Tasks in Rust Futures and vice versa, which should be good fun.

I've also got a little side project on the go that demonstrates an approach to designing maintainable web apps in Rust that are a bit bigger than your average demo site. At this stage it's just a web API. I haven't even wired it up to a db yet, just in memory storage. The goal is to not rely on frameworks too much and show off some of Rust the language's awesome features.

I'll keep fleshing that out over the next few weeks then throw it up on GitHub for feedback.


Hi everyone, It’s almost 6th month that I’m working on Vulkust more seriously, since then, the project have seen lots of changes and rethinking, right now project is reaching to a good point.


@Hossein-Noroozpour How does Vulkust differ from Vulkano? I'm just asking in case you haven't been aware of it and I know that @tomaka was looking for contributors (see Glium post-mortem) ...

I think I'm goint to attack issue 12, to turn Interaction into a trait, so you can abstract the interface and have several implementors (e.g. MediumInteraction and SurfaceInteraction to match the C++ side). Probably enough to do for this week. There are a bunch of existing functions which need a method signature change.

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Vulkano is one of the very respectful libraries in Rust but it has a complete different approach in mind, on the other hand it is a Vulkan rustifier library but Vulkust is gonna be a game engine. Right now it is under some revising on some important parts like pipeline-management. And some thing to add in here is Vulkust has a incomplete Metal backbone too.
I'm gonna create a descriptive README when Vulkust reached to its first target (that is near), and that's gonna answer this kind of questions.


Rewriting C projects in Rust with help of Citrus.


After going through some very interesting discussion on how to avoid too tight a parser-container coupling when storing data in structure-of-array layout, I'm now going to be thinking on how to put the conclusions of this thread in practice.

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Studying Physics for an exam. To not forget Rust I'm writing a program that process the data provided by BackBlaze in order to extract a survival analysis plot and finally choose the best Hard Drives to buy for the next upgrade. (If someone is interested I will publish the results and, obviously, the Source Code).

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Experimenting with writing a simple asynchronous web server for Rust, Salt, while trying to retain some of what made Iron great. Seems to be a popular sport at the moment and I've been having a lot of fun trying to make a futures-powered server feel ergonomic.

I've got some neat stuff going with https://github.com/mehcode/salt-rs/blob/master/examples/proxy.rs#L14 in particular as each handler gets an actual tokio Handle.

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After some conversations at RustConf, I started a project called Rust Mentor! It'll help match newer Rustaceans with mentors! Sign up at the URL to get an email when it launches! :heart:


I'm working a talk about Rust and friends to my local Linux group. I'm going to have up my systems programming game, because I think this audience is less interested in the web side of Rust or Graphics. I could be wrong.

On the very busy train home last night (24th), I couldn't get out my laptop. So I wondered how hard it would be to port poorman's rust bash script (by @badboy) to python, the idea behind this was to be able to run rust code in pythonista3 (python shell for iOS). Turns out it wasn't too hard to do: https://github.com/booyaa/pobad

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After implementing task 12 I'm going back to path tracing (see issue 11), will keep me busy for more than the rest of the week ...

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Actually, I got a first result for path tracing already:


Pretty fast (less than 5 secs) and noisy (need to raise some quality parameters):

> time ./target/release/examples/pest_test -i assets/scenes/cornell_box.pbrt
Rendering finished
Converting image to RGB and computing final weighted pixel values
Writing image "pbrt.png" with bounds Bounds2 { p_min: Point2 { x: 0, y: 0 }, p_max: Point2 { x: 500, y: 500 } }
33.089u 0.079s 0:04.46 743.2%	0+0k 0+1016io 0pf+0w
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I released version v0.2.0 of rs_pbrt:


Finishing and refactoring Example Rust codebase containing real world examples (CRUD, auth, advanced patterns, etc) that adheres to the RealWorld API spec.
Should have it ready for Peer review of final codebase next week.
Hope it will help to answer the AWWY?

All the functionality should be done. Please have a look and comment in the issues, thanks.