What's everyone working on this week (33/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


i'm planning on creating a web application as a personal project and now i'm choosing a language and a framework for the server side.


I plan on writing a file compressor for scripts (removing comments and unnecessary whitespace) used by a game to speed up interpretation. This is my 3rd main project for the game. My current side projects are the affiliated file parser and the ISO 8859-1 equivalents of str and String, as well as a macro to convert the UTF-8 string literals to their ISO 8859-1 counterparts at compile-time.

The 2nd side project might be interesting for others, too. Rust doesn't have any native support for other encodings (which is understandable when looking at the number of available encodings) and while the encoding crate is a great low-level tool for transcoding between the different encodings, it lacks the convenient high-level constructs, that makes it easy to operate on differently encoded strings. Having to operate on bare Vec<u8> and [u8] types for anything except UTF-8 is simply too cumbersome for anything larger than just a few lines of code. I'll probably release the project as an alpha version on Github, soon, but not this week.

I'm working on a tailor made Rust curriculum to hold some company internal learning sessions.
As one part of it - but targeting the whole Rust community - I'm writing a small book that tries to demystify the async/await functionality of Rust while writing a simplified no_std executor that I already got working in my bare metal Raspberry Pi projects.

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I'm trying to learn Rust by building a simple distributed application for message sharing. The protocol itself should be very simple but the core guarantee is Every message arrives eventually to every node in the right order. I'm not dealing with storage or other constraints or even thinking about fault tolerance at the moment. I'd be happy if anyone knows some good reading material (source code too) on the topic.

I'll be working through some more exercism exercises on the rust track.

As a stretch challenge / bit of fun I'm writing dead simple web apps that let you type / click some inputs and see the result. The web apps are also written in rust, I'm using Seed. No server side coding, all running in the browser using wasm.

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I'm trying to solidify my understanding of Rust macros, and wondering what code I will write next.

I've improved ffmpeg crate to the point video decoding in gifski is usable.

I'm working on a blog post about Cell that I plan to release this Saturday.


I published the website for Yew Styles (https://yewstyles.spielrs.tech/) also I will work in this issue and optimize rendering component for the project mentioned.

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