What's everyone working on this week (33/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

In lib.rs I've added importing of crates straight from GitHub repositories, even if they're not published on crates-io. So technically, lib.rs has now more crates than crates-io! e.g.

Getting the next release ready for my game.

Sneak peak:

buster_shot_weak buster_shot_mid buster_shot_strong


Bumping my head against this proc-macro issue. Also reviewing uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) PRs and documentation.

I'm getting back to working on my DICOM parsing library. The other week I tried out using cursive/crossterm for a simple text-based browser of DICOM file:

This week I'm restructuring some crate dependencies to make the core library slimmer for an eventual attempt at targeting WASM compilation. Eventually I also want to support

  • writing out DICOM
  • DICOM network protocol
  • extracting images from DICOM IODs
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