What's everyone working on this week (33/2016)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Someone gifted me a domain name as a present so I registered serde.rs. I am just getting started on the content so there isn't much yet, but this provides a much better opportunity for thorough documentation than just rustdoc or a single long readme in GitHub.

Rustdoc for the Serde ecosystem (for now serde, serde_json, serde_test, quasi, aster) is at docs.serde.rs. I set up redirects so all old links will continue to work. We can potentially add all the various formats here.

I came up with this concept for a Serde logo: forward (ser) and backward (de) arrows in a shape resembling an S.

If anyone is interested in helping turn this into a real logo (or has a better idea), please follow up in serde-rs/serde#481.


After humpty-dumptying my Elasticsearch client last week I've gathered all the King's horses and men and with any luck this week will put my library back together again. I've got the tests building again, but most of them don't pass.

Also putting together an Intro to Rust talk for the Brisbane Rust meetup and an internal company conference next month.

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Currentry I'm trying to build library for writing web api wrapper in Rust (api_kit)

Since these threads are proving to be good for me for goal planning and motivational, here's this weeks' update.

Successfully created a crate to serialize and deserialize RTMP chunks.

This week my goals are to create a simple crate to manage RTMP time (32bit epoch supporting rollover), fix my deserializer code to be backed by a VecDequeue instead of a Vec for performance (I have a feeling the constant drains will be an issue), and start defining basic RTMP messages with serialization/deserialization support.

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After initially posting about way-cooler on Reddit (and neglecting to mention the bar is an external program and we are making more than one), some wild bugs appeared :frowning: but hopefully we can move from fixing bugs to writing features later this week.

The community support has been very great!

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