What's everyone working on this week (32/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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I just merged a PR to add molar heat capacity (Joule per kelvin mole) to uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis). The PR to update to quickcheck 1.0 is still in progress.

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Brings back memories of high school chemistry… (though we always said "joules per mole-kelvin").

uom is very cool, thanks for all your work on it.

I'm reading and coding along to http://craftinginterpreters.com/, converting from Java to Rust as I go.

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Experimenting PNG-like lossless video compression (because PNG can be more efficient with screenshots than lossy formats, I think an efficient lossless video codec for screen capture is achievable). And BTW discovered that the rust-brotli crate by Dropbox is just an automatic translation from C to Rust.

Also trying to fix a gradient descent optimization for an epidemic model...

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This is my second week learning Rust. Trying to read data from files. Headache with trait.


This is day 2 of learning Rust for me.

I have been tweaking and refactoring the 'guessing game' app from The Book.

I am using VSCode with the Rust and Crates extensions. I am in awe of how good the Rust intellisense is.

If anyone asks me why they should learn Rust, I won't even mention the language features. I'll just say "best. tooling. ever". :sunglasses:


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