What's everyone working on this week (31/2023)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Got a small draft MR up to nix-nar that uses camino and some cfg! to work around some platform-specific functionality -- first time using camino so glad to learn of it's existence!

I published version 0.6.0 of my voxel game engine project, all-is-cubes. It's still unstable and I'm really only publishing it to practice maintaining a large Rust project, but the latest version is capable of import and export operations on several different file formats, making it potentially usable for certain sorts of format conversion and rendering.

My next goal is to start working on actual “game” functionality, adding rules by which things can change and the player can interact with them.

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This week for ownership and struct. I also write rust learning journey in blog as a journal. So if i forgot some concept, just open my blog.

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