What's everyone working on this week (31/2016)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I am continuing work on my rustorrent crate, hoping to find the time to finish bencode decoding this week, so that I can move onto encoding next week.


Working on turn-based strategy game Zone of Control, as always :slight_smile: .

Last week I:

Fresh screenshot with roads:

This week I hope to:


Successfully met my goal last week of creating a create to serialize and deserialize data via the AMF0 specification.

My goal this week is to create a crate to handle the RTMP handshake process.


I've finally made my first open-source piece of software!
zrtstr is a small utility for all the music-makers and audio-engineers. It checks if stereo wav files have identical channels (faux-stereo) and converts them to mono. Built using Hound, Clap and pbr.

It's a problem that persists with some of the older but still widely used DAWs, such as Cubase 5. You can't export both mono and stereo tracks at the same time, so frequently you get lots of faux-stereo files in your stem renders. Those, who ever bumped into this behaviour know how annoying it is.

Please, feel free to critique and point to my errors. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Interesting project, I've made a pull request on the GitHub. What features are you expecting this library to eventually implement?

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Hey @synlestidae, this is awesome, thanks a lot for the PR!

I want to implement the entire protocol from the 'client' side at first, (bencoding, peer-wire protocol + the official extensions like DHT) - essentially everything to be able to implement a fully featured BitTorrent client using a simple public API provided by the library.
Eventually, things like the tracker server are also possible, but are not on my radar right now.

I'm one of everyone?
Yes? Okay - I working on a cli for gerrit code review system. I'm a rust learner, so the codebase isn't the best what you can see on earth :stuck_out_tongue:
The links for the sources and the crate.

Already implemented is a query system and some tools for daily work.
Currently I communicate with the server via curl-binary from the host system, but the curl-rs binding gain the http-authorization implemented and I can switch to this crate.


I'm writing a Rust library for loading MegaZeux world files, and an application that uses that library to render the game boards as PNGs. It's fun looking for ways to improve the ergonomics of working with the game data when compared to MegaZeux's original C implementation.