What's everyone working on this week (30/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Continue Working on my wxPython Rendertree which computes all performance critic parts with a RUST cdylib. In this case currently used for fractals, heighmap generation and software rendering.

Last week I created a mirror of the rs_pbrt (GitHub repository) on TeaHub. Right now it’s just a mirror until everything stabilizes, but the Wiki and release notes can be found there too.

Last week I also fixed issue #51 and made some minor commits since the v0.4.0 release, fixing problems I found while working on the GitLab repository for current test scenes. I think I will continue updating the Wiki for the test scenes and add more rendered images, while providing Makefile(s) to render variants of the same scene (e.g. different camera perspectives/angles or using different render algorithms).

If I find more time for working on the code itself I probably will select one of the open issues or fix things while I come along them rendering test scenes …


Implementing game maps (background images + boundaries) for objects to stay and play in, so they don’t just walk out of the window (excuse me, come back!).

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  • I’ve pack in Diwata to be a single binary distributable which includes the static files in it using include_dir together with the web server that serves the data.

  • Removed the dependencies of using fonts css in the elm-webclient by using the Ionicon library. Now the icons in diwata are in inline svg which looks better than css fonts.

  • Published a new version of svgbob-editor which is now faster than ever, and react to diagram changes in real-time.

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I’ve gone back to working on my weather station. Last night it successfully measured temperature, wind and humidity and sent it back to a server without issues.