What's everyone working on this week (29/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I’m back to work after having last week off. Still working on using DMA for my GSM-connected temperature sensor. I managed to get the first bits of the API into the lpc82x-hal crate (1, 2, 3) since last posting here.

So far I’m using DMA for debug output. The next step is using the same code to write to the GSM modem. Then I need to add read support to the DMA API and use that for reading from the GSM modem.


I spent the weekend working on a Rust port of Improv, a model-backed text generation library. It’s going pretty well so far, but I’m running into a problem a lot of Rust template engines seem to face - how do you represent a dynamic model in a strongly-typed language?

I could just bite the bullet and use serde_json::Value or something like Tera and Handlebars do… Maybe I’d be better off trying to come up with a more Rust-y version of the ideas behind the library rather than trying to do a straight up port, though.


Skip my Idea to build Rust webassembly target to create webapp for test and debug optical my Softwarerenderer i ported from c/c++ into Rust.

In the past i wrote a python portal based on wxPython Phoenix. So i created a rust target “cdylib” and create an easy python interface based on ctypes.

It works great and safe some dev. time for ui. And its very funny to see the plain python numpy algorithm speed against the rust one. Now i will add an UI for an easier 3D creation and projection debugging.


Still getting unwind-rs working on OS-X. Almost there :slight_smile:

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I will work on issue #51 this week. Since version/release v0.4.0 the breakfast scene renders fine with bidirectional path tracing ("bdpt"), but panics during Metropolis Light Transport ("mlt"). Let’s figure out why …

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Writing a blog post for my game’s next “release” (still in hidden mode), and deciding what to work on next.

Running works!


I updated the “error-chain” dependency for
and am looking forward to update dependencies with
after I released another kairos version (error types change from
error-chain 0.11 to 0.12 of course, so I have to release a new minor
version of kairos).

I also am finishing some PRs for imag. The write-compile-loop is
rather slow because I use travis for compiling right now (don’t want
to waste battery while off the grid)…

Besides that I will travel to Dawson City starting today and be there
by Sunday or Monday evening.