What's everyone working on this week (27/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

  • Write some documentation for my UI crates pugl-sys and pugl-ui.
  • Make some progress on my LV2 Plugin Transient Designer Envolvigo
  • Maybe some pull requests to rust-lv2

Had the day off today and started working on another improvement idea for coi (dependency injection container).

The internals on the released version have a lot of mutexes to manage multiple threads requesting the same not-yet-resolved items. The current experimental branch rewrites most of the internals and relies on atomics to manage the current state (I really wish we could mix atomics and enums). Now the only use of mutex is when resolving an item for the first time, and only to manage a condvar so the other threads aren't wasting cpu cycles while waiting. The current benchmarks show significant improvements, so today's been a good day :).

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