What's everyone working on this week (22/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I'm working on Computational Geometry with rust/wasm: https://rgeometry.org


I'm working with my editors at PragProg to prepare Hands-on Rust for final release (paperback and e-book) at the end of the month (hopefully; if Murphy rears his ugly head, it'll be early July). The final manuscript is in, so I have a little time while the layout and production people work their magic.

I'm also working away on the last sections before final edit of a new tutorial series, The Making of SecBot. SecBot was a 7-day roguelike challenge entry, building a complete (small) roguelike in a week. I decided that instead of a behemoth like the roguelike tutorial I released previously, I'd do something small and focused: so it walks you through each section of development with a view from the trenches, making mistakes, triaging and sweating to get a completed game going in a week. I'm about 4/7ths of the way through the tutorial now, aim to be basically complete by the end of the week - and then spend a day or two improving the text, adding WASM demos per stage, and making the tutorial flow better.

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