What's everyone working on this week (20/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


I've exposed cargo-crev code reviews on lib.rs:


Now I need everyone to start writing reviews :slight_smile:

Thanks to @LucianoBestia for making a proof of concept of this feature.


where do I go to see it in action (on lib.rs)

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When a crate has some reviews, it gets an extra link:

If it's not there, it means there are no reviews for that crate.

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I'm working on a P2P payment app using Actix backend.

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I think It can change JS programmers lives if they adapt it in their npm ecosystem

I update yew-parcel-template and wasm_warp_template. Also I have released:

I wrote an extremely simple server for the Gemini protocol using async-std and rustls. It's not really meant for any practical purpose; it was just an exercise for learning more about the protocol and the Rust async ecosystem.

i am working on game server :grinning:

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