What's everyone working on this week (2/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Decide a proper syntax for CeX 0.3.0-alpha and release 0.3.0.

Then make progress in the enum_exchange pre-RFC

Implement streaming json parser and define sort order for json

I was working on audio support for Tetra, but a few oddities with Rodio are making it tricky for me to get the API I want. I'm a little tempted to just bind to OpenAL (via Alto?), since that definitely does everything I want, but adding another C dependency wouldn't be ideal...

I've been procrastinating on that by adding custom shaders (which just got released in 0.2.5), which has been fun. Next thing I want to take a look at is the rendering performance - it's currently quite heavily CPU-bound by the calculation of the transform matrix, which is a pain.

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Getting basic integration between rust-content-security-policy and servo working.

Mastering Rust by developing a fun project: todo list manager for terminal . The project is in its early stage, though it is usable

Working on my Rust binding for TVM runtime so that one can deploy deep learning models with Rust :slight_smile:


Rewriting most of the build.rs for the project Rutie. The cflags on Linux is weird with Rust. The system's installed libruby takes priority over any linker search path arguments so creating a symlink to it in target/<PROFILE>/deps is required for everything to work smoothly. There's a fair bit more involved to it but I'm making pretty good headway after much work.

Update: Finished the rewrite of the build process. Opened an issue on rust-lang/rust #57550 on Rust linker -L cflags behaving differently between Mac and Linux.

I'm working in a small library to handler http objects to use after in my framework blocker message Malaga.



Getting oxidizeconf.com news out. We have a venue and a date and now the fun part (CFP and stuff).

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If it would be cheaper surely I would attend it :pensive: