What's everyone working on this week (2/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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After I found the awesome artifact crate (which I proposed as CotW) I started adding requirements, specifications and test definitions to the imag codebase. I want to continue adding these to the toml-query and kairos codebases for better project-planning and so on.

I know that this will be quite a dump (I already added 4kloc markdown to imag) though I guess it will be worth it!

Besides that I'm learning for my final exam which I have to succeed in at the end of January.

I'm back to working on lpc82x-hal. Currently on the menu is improving the pin API. I'd like to express all valid pin states in the type system to make it impossible to make mistakes when using the API. I've made good progress so far, but there's still some work to do before I can wrap this up.

I'm working on arc-reactor an asynchronous micro web framework in rust.

I'm upgrading sys crates to help imageflow build with just pure Cargo, without need for additional build systems and manual steps.

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Continuing work on tests for uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis). I didn't get a lot of time but got a number of tests for non-float types passing. More to go this week.

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i can't think of a single use for this library and now i feel like a terrible person for wasting such a nice crates.io name


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I'm starting to dig into rust-clippy before vacation and hope to get a first small lint PR up. I started with Rust in December and hope that rust-clippy allows me to learn about rust and compiler internals at the same time. I also like writing documentation, where rust-clippy seems to lack a bit currently.

This week I'm going to try updating cargo's env_logger to the latest pre-release and see how that goes. I think there'll be some subtle challenges because env_logger supports colours now, and cargo already has configuration for its own colouring. So making those line up might get messy.

I've also got a tempfile PR that needs some work.

And last but not least I've got a blog post to finish about a personal Libz Blitz Retrospective that I'm also delivering as a talk next week. Lots to do! :slight_smile:

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I was working on issue #36, debugging what's going wrong with the Japanese Classroom scene from Benedikt Bitterli's Rendering Resources ... I will probably go through other scenes, create issues while finding problems, and maybe (at the end of the week) do another release of rs_pbrt ...

This week I am implementing benchmark tests for mio

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I decided to delay the next release of rs_pbrt until I can render hair (see issue #37). I also rendered some of Benedikt Bitterli’s scenes with Mitsuba, which will be useful later, when I have implemented bi-directional path-tracing, to compare results.

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