What's everyone working on this week (19/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Lots of code review for PRs to uom (Units of measurement – type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) over the last week. I also submitted a PR to rust to fix missing_docs warnings in proc-macro crates.

I’m working on an embedded-hal driver for various RC protocols. So far, I have added support for writing cppm signals, and reading frsky S.bus. Next I’ll try to tackle frsky smart port for telemetry.

As I’m doing that, I have added some features and docs to stm32f1xx_hal, most recently more configuration options for the UART ports.

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Polishing and documenting an almost pure Rust interface+debugger+flash loader for STM32 devices. Should be finished and published by next week . It allows to directly flash and debug STM32 devices without having to set up a debugger and openocd in different terminals.

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Finished updating the UI screens for my game, next is to:

  • Fix a bug where holding attack while walking freezes the character on the first frame.

  • Improve game play experience:

    • Can’t see some attack animations at 60 FPS – have to make more sprites and adjust delays.
    • It’s difficult for players to have such a small window of a few ticks for key press detection, so gonna add some logic to tolerate key presses that are made too early

Also set up a patreon page

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